Why Millennials Want to Quit Their Jobs

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Source: Why Millennials Want to Quit Their Jobs
Author: Bobbi Rebell

Quit Your Job

There seems to be a trend that is becoming more apparent with the Millennial generation in recent years. In her article Why Millennials Want To Quit Their Jobs, Bobbi Rebell points out the characteristics of this trend and why there is such a drastic movement in careers and employment with this generation.

But first, what exactly is the Millennial generation?

This era of current young adults were born just before the change of the new millennium–roughly between 1981 and 2000.  This up and coming generation has extreme strengths. Millennials are goal-oriented and motivated. They are characterized as team-oriented, confident in themselves and in their future with an intense focus of high achievement.

This sets the picture for Bobbi Rebell’s article. She explains that Millennials are more likely to exchange the security of a job—even a well-paying one—for one that is more fulfilling and which is headed in an upward direction.  In a recent survey, almost half of millennials were willing to leave their present employment within two years if there was a better offer and over half actually expected to switch employment within four years. Furthermore, their personal values have the most influence for every decision they make, such as choosing not to take on a project because it conflicted with their values.

Their positive outlook that there is a better job with a more fulfilling purpose is what drives Millennials to frequently search for and trade careers and employers.  This trend is showing that money alone will not keep Millennials content in their careers, even despite a rocky job market. They will even work several side jobs to fill in the income gaps, as long as they are working in the direction they feel will bring them fulfillment, purpose and direction. Their perspective is that they would rather take risks in switching careers sooner in order to find a path that brings purpose and direction for a fulfilling life than to wait for later, for never taking the chance would be a bigger regret than not taking one at all.

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