CEO’s Message

Dear Reader,

Personal Business Advisors’ Millennial Division ® was founded with one single goal in mind:

To help Millennials succeed despite exploding student debt, difficult economic times and personal challenges.

Whether you are a parent or a graduate or a student, you are experiencing a highly volatile job market. Going to college and holding a degree no longer hold the prestige and justifiable earnings expectations they once did.

Student debt has become a tremendous financial burden, with the average debt paid ranging from $35,000 on the low, to $1 Million or more on the high end.

Those are scary numbers, and pose an especially difficult situation when you are are trying to establish yourself (financially) in a market, where finding a job appropriate for your degree/skillset is a challenge at best –and where being an employee in many cases represents a far higher risk than becoming an independent business owner.

Personal Business Advisors ® is the World’s Only Supermarket for Business Opportunities, helping you to explore and identify these alternatives to traditional (un)employment. And to qualified candidates, we offer viable career alternatives right within our own organization.

If you are interested in discussing your needs and exploring alternatives to meet them, I invite you to speak with your Personal Business Advisor. This team of experts is dedicated to helping and serving you – without ever charging you a dime.

In all of your dealings with PBA you can expect respect, professionalism, and integrity.

Sincerely, Uwe Brettmann
-Chairman & CEO-
Personal Business Advisors ®, LLC

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