Student Finances

How The Great Recession Turned America’s Student-Loan Problem Into A $1.5 Trillion Crisis

Student Loan Borrowers, Herded Into Default, Face A Relentless Collector: The U.S.

As Paperwork Goes Missing, Private Student Loan Debts May Be Wiped Away

Promised College Loan Forgiveness, Borrowers Wait and Wait

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Urges Harvard Grads To Contemplate Risk

The White House Just Made One Thing Abundantly Clear To Millennials

Is the government making money off your student loans?

Student debt doesn’t deter millennials from saving

I didn’t go to college and accumulate $70K in debt to work a string of menial, dead-end jobs

Millennials are delaying adulthood because of crushing student loan debt

Millennials Are Having A Hard Time Paying Off Their Student Loans

Too Many Millennials Are Facing Buyers’ Remorse Over One Of The Most Expensive Purchases They’ll Ever Make

Missing Ingredient For Millennials: Down Payment Savings

Living At Home With Parents

What Is Wrong With Millennial Credit Scores

Debt Perspective Calculator

Can You Be Arrested For Not Paying Your Student Loans?

When 65-Year-Olds Grapple With Student Loan Debt

Blame Credit Card Debt If You Are Unlucky In Love

One-third Of College Grads Plan To Move Back Home, Study Finds

Report Summary and Archive in the Sallie Mae Newsroom

How America Pays for College Report (PDF 1.6 MB)

How America Pays for College Infographic (PDF .68 MB)

Student Debt Article Archive

Student Loans Article Archive

10 Colleges That Leave Graduates With The Most Student Loan Debt

There Are Now 50 Colleges That Charge More Than $60,000 Per Year

Room and Board Charges Rising Faster Than Inflation

Estimate Your Monthly Student Loan Payment

$50,000 In Student Loans? You Probably Don’t Think College Was Worth It

For Millennials, A World Of Tough Financial Choices

Half of Millennials Merge Finances Before Marriage

Students Across U.S. To March Over Debt, Free Public College

Student Loan Debt: Major Barrier To Entrepreneurship

South Korea’s Smart College Dropouts

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