Millennial Entrepreneurship

Today, 60% of millennials consider themselves entrepreneurs and 90% recognize entrepreneurship as a mentality. (Huffington Post/Millennial Magazine)

In a recent survey from Manta (an online community dedicated to small business), 76% of the Millennial entrepreneurs polled in the first half of 2014 say their businesses have had a successful year so far. Many of them hired new employees, and even more planned to hire through year’s end.

In a separate study, 1 in 5 Millennials say they want to quit their current jobs and start their own projects.

For those who have done so, the results are encouraging:

– 90% are optimistic about business prospects through December.

– Nearly half (44%) hired new employees in the year’s first half.

– More than half (52%) plan to make new hires between now and the year’s end.

A 2015 study by Elance-oDesk and Millennial Branding reveals 39% of millennials have had difficulty finding a traditional job.

The same study by Elance-oDesk and Millennial Branding revealed that 82% of millennials believe it is easier to start a business than ever before.

Our generation is armed with every tool needed to start a company”.

You pretty much need nothing more than an Internet connection today to start a service-based business, making it cheaper and less complex than ever to get a venture off the ground. (MIC Article)

Studies by the Intelligence Group reveal 88% of millennials want work-life integration, wherein there are no clear barriers between what is life and what is work.

As an entrepreneur, you are in control of your hours, and at the same time, your business is in so many ways your life. Entrepreneurs have large workloads, but they get to decide when and where they tackle work that truly appeals to them. (MIC Article)

Small businesses create 2 out of 3 net new jobs for our country, and the more young and growing businesses, the better it is for our economy.

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